Watermelon Knights with Trueberry Hearts

Watermelon Knights with Trueberry Hearts by Erik Bundy

Watermelon Knights with Trueberry Hearts by Erik Bundy

Whether this is the first story you’ve ever read about an Iguana, a Texas Toad and a Swamp Rat, or just another one of many, be prepared for a new perspective on the world: one that conquers it from very close to the ground. And chuckles while it pokes it with a sharp stick.


Endraq, a jungle iguana, and his brother are captured and trucked north. Things are bad in the iguana box but they get worse when Endraq is separated from his brother. Blaming his plight on the yodeling Texas horned lizard who saved him, Endraq barely tolerates the toad.

Now Endraq must free his brother Iguana from the humans and a long, cold life in the zoo.

Written for readers from young adult and up, Watermelon Knights With Trueberry Hearts pits the wits of the very small against the power of the very large. Endraq, a proud and regal Iguana finds that he must rely on help from his enemy, an untrustworthy toad living an aimless life.  And the two lizards must then rely on a wily swamp rat named Fincha to get them to the zoo.

It’s a story with a message: There’s more to being a lizard than sunning yourself on a warm rock.

Just for the record: No living animals were maligned or injured by the author during the writing of this novel.